Austin Stanniland

BSc (Hons) MRICS


Specialist Area: Landlord & Tenant

T. 020 7009 2046
M. 078 0929 4851

Austin Stanniland

Austin Stanniland started his career with Martin at Ladbrokes and subsequently moved to Gould & Company working in all aspects of general practice surveying. After an introduction to professional services at Jone Lang LaSalle, Austin joined Asda Properties Ltd/ Wolfe Property Services Ltd in 2003 managing, negotiating and advising on all their professional work. Austin has continued as Consultant to the Davidson Family (Wolfe Properties) on their entire portfolio in all professional matters following the sale of Asda to British Land in 2006.

Outside interests include playing golf (badly), fast cars, labradoodles and following the fall of Nottingham Forest.